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Tyler’s Take: Pick Six Podcast

Title: Pick Six Podcast – Week 4 recap

Date: 10-2-17

Length: 46 minutes and 49 seconds

Cast: Will Brinson, Nick Kostos, Pete Prisco and Jason La Canfora

Sponsors: Seat Geek

Extra: Powered by CBS this podcast can be found on iTunes.


This podcast is different from any other that I’ve listened to. And that’s meant to be a compliment. CBS Sports NFL writers Pete Prisco and Will Brinson team up with NFL Insider Jason La Canfora and host Nick Kostos to break down the latest stories and action from the NFL weekend.

After a nicely produced open to start to the show, Kostos leads things off by introducing the cast, including La Canfora, who is doing the podcast from his phone on a train from New York to Baltimore. That’s not ideal, and it was my first reaction to the podcast, but the crew makes up for it by making light of the situation and having fun with La Canfora. Their use of humor helped set the tone for the entire show, which quickly drew me in as a first-time listener.

What sets Pick Six apart isn’t the topics, it’s the banter. In fact, most of the discussion is about the NFL action from earlier in the afternoon. However, whether its radio show or a podcast, if you can create an environment that feels like a group of guys just sitting at a bar and talking sports, you have something special. This podcast reaches that on many levels.

Helping the show stand out is that each host has a big personality and offers something unique. What they all have in common, however, is their ability to bust each other’s balls. What’s even better, is the fact that it’s not centered on just one or two guys. The jokes are spread evenly around all four hosts which makes for a perfect match of great conversation about the NFL with humorous banter mixed in. Sure, I want opinions on the biggest storylines from the NFL, but I also want to be entertained. That’s where Pick Six hits the mark.

Another thing I appreciated about this podcast, is the fact that it’s recorded shortly after the conclusion of Sunday’s games. I think that’s critical when reviewing and discussing the day’s action. By Tuesday, I’m looking forward to the week to come and not necessarily what’s already taken place. Pick Six recorded immediately after the games went final, releasing their episode on Monday morning, ensuring that you’ll get a fresh and sudden reaction on the action that happened just hours before. It also feels more genuine when you don’t have a 24 hour period to sit back and evaluate what’s happened.

There’s no doubt that the podcast has a ‘Northeast’ feel to it, but that’s to be expected when each host is either from or lives in that part of the country. That’s not meant to be a shot, it just has a faster pace than most podcasts. Pick Six kept the flow and opinions at a good pace, and special kudos to Kostos for driving it. With four different voices, it’s hard to keep everyone on track with equal time. He succeeded in making sure everyone involved received their touches.

Closing comments:

When I listen to a podcast, at around the 25 minute mark I’ll ask myself a simple question: Would I still be listening if I wasn’t writing a review for BSM? For Pick Six, the answer is a resounding yes. Sometimes, having four voices on a show can be challenging, but these guys make it work. My only criticism is that La Canfora was on a busy train which led to a lot of background noise. You can tell that it distracted the other three hosts in the studio. I’d love to hear an episode where all four men are in studio together.

As good as this episode was, I imagine an even better product. However, for a first-time listener, I came away very impressed. So much so, that I subscribed on iTunes to the podcast. Whether they’re talking football or offering their opinions on dogs or the city of Baltimore, I was entertained. I’d highly suggest this podcast to any football fan.

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