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Tyler’s Take: Les Is More

Title: The Players’ Tribune: Les is More

Date: October 4th, 2017

Length: 38 minutes and 30 seconds

Cast: Les Miles and appearances from family members

Sponsors: None

Extra: Les is More can be found on ITunes


I couldn’t help myself. Once I saw that Les Miles had released a podcast, my immediate thought was that I had to review it for BSM. For nothing else, we owe it to the people. Making its debut during Week 6 of the college football season, Les is More hits on everything you hope a podcast from Miles would provide. In the opening intro, a quote from Miles plays that made me crack a smile. Immediately, I’m drawn in. What I’m hoping this podcast will be, gives me a first impression that it will live up to the hype and excitement.

I loved the touch of beginning the podcast with his oldest daughter, Smacker Miles. You’ll notice immediately, that she knows her stuff. Les didn’t have Smacker on just to say he had his daughter on the podcast, she truly contributes to each conversation and offers a unique perspective. From there, what I was hoping this podcast would be, eventually happened. Les offered funny commentary and great stories, mixed in with excellent insight on why he decided to keep his family in Baton Rouge, LSU’s defeat to Troy and much more.

It’s hard to stand out when you’re doing a podcast. But there should be no surprise that Les is More accomplishes that. Sure, the funny commentary from Miles keeps you entertained, but surprisingly, it’s not even the best part of the podcast. Miles answers voice messages from fans, and inevitably, a question comes up about his firing at LSU. First off, I commend Miles for going into such great detail about what happened. I was glued in during this segment of the podcast. Getting a behind the scenes glimpse during a head coach firing is truly unique. Especially from the person that was let go. I also enjoyed the touch of bringing on his wife Kathy to add her perspective on the experience. That was priceless. If you’re one of the very few that disliked Miles during his time at LSU, I challenge you to listen to this podcast. I’m sure it’ll change your opinion of him as a person.

One place where Les is More will surely succeed is with the big-name guests that will appear on the podcast. In this episode, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy appeared to talk about their past relationships while on the same staff, Gundy’s new interests in hunting, Miles waning to coach in the future and more. At one point. I wondered if Gundy thought he was on a private phone call with Les that wouldn’t be aired on a podcast. That’s how comfortable Miles’ presence was.

By all accounts, this is the first time Miles has hosted a podcast and I came away extremely impressed with his ability to carry both a segment and an interview. Maybe all those years of recruiting prepared him, but for his first time, Miles gets high marks on his ability to drive a podcast. Also, the production value was incredible. Soft music came in at points to set the mood and old-play-by-play clips played during his talk about his firing to bring more perspective to the situation. You’d be hard-pressed to find another podcast that has the production value of the debut of Les is More.

Closing Comments:

Fielding questions about his favorite flavor of grass, how he felt about LSU losing to Troy and losing his job is exactly what I was looking for in this podcast. Les is More offers a high level of entertainment, including opinions on current college football topics that I appreciate hearing from a former coach. As good as this debut episode was, I do wonder if there’s a point it could go stale. Now, I’ve seen enough press conferences from Miles to realize that probably won’t be the case, but bringing fresh topics and guests will be key to making Les is More a weekly listen. Where this podcast hits the mark is simple: I got to see more of Miles’ personality and he made me laugh. That’s exactly the key to Les is More’s success. I also can’t stress enough how impressed I was with the production quality. All in all, I think there’s a lot of promise with this podcast. With smart people behind him, I would bet on Miles making this podcast a huge success.

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