Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

Now Hear This: The Jim Rome Podcast

Podcasting…some view it as a necessary evil, especially if your podcast uploading service is lousy. Constantly converting files to the appropriate size, getting some random code from an email or everyone’s favorite – a file that just flat out fails in the middle of the uploading process thus forcing you to start all over again. The last thing I want is to have my producers and board-ops spend what little free time they have dealing with the already overworked IT guy because hour two won’t post correctly.

On the other hand, others embrace podcasts as a means of offering additional content that needs room to breathe rather than jamming it into a 12-minute segment. While posting your show daily is a necessity, there’s certainly more to offer out there and Jim Rome is doing exactly that.

Rome has been offering a “Daily Jungle” podcast for quite some time now. It is a “best of” that day’s show and if your call made it to the podcast it was something to be celebrated. Rome recently began offering a second podcast dubbed “The Jim Rome Podcast” and I must say, it is must-listen audio! Each offering includes typically two guests (sometimes just one should the conversation be worthy of such an honor) and a segment that Rome keeps “threatening” to remove – a weekly voicemail that listeners can call in and give their “takes” at any given time of day.  Not surprisingly, the voicemail has become a fan favorite and gets a ton of laughs.

The heart of the weekly podcast, which is released every Tuesday (Podcast Tuesday), are the guests which have so far included the following; Aaron Rodgers, Bob Costas, Adam Corolla, Oscar De La Hoya, Bob Myers, Kevin Frazier, Dirk Nowitzki, Harvey Levin, Bill Cowher and Kevin Millar. Whew, that is an impressive list of names for a podcast!

Certainly, every episode should be downloaded and heard immediately every Tuesday but to me, one of these names stands out and that’s Harvey Levin. While you may or may not know that name (you really should) Harvey is the man behind TMZ. You know, the water bottle-toting, opinionated, self-deprecating, funny guy leaning over a cubicle every day for thirty minutes providing an often-hilarious insight into the latest news in Hollywood? When this episode was recorded OJ Simpson had just been released from prison and Harvey delves into what’s likely next for the Juice. What’s really captivating as an amazing story about a time when he went to the Bundy house to visit the site of the murders and noticed that someone else had decided to drop by as well. Trust me, download and listen to it immediately!

This is exactly what’s great about the podcast forum, it allows Rome to spread his wings and interview different people on a multitude of subjects and so far, every episode is timeless. Feel free to listen to all of them today as they’re all still relevant.

Jim Rome has been doing his radio show for roughly 30 years yet he continues to be innovative and keep up with the times. At last check, his podcast was up to number one on iTunes (thanks to “Romeageddon”) and every Tuesday the content keeps flowing. If a 30-year radio vet can utilize the podcast space for something other than posting his daily show then why can’t everyone?

The bulk of your audience is always going to be on-air and not those who listen to you off-air because they can’t get to a radio during your show. The digital space has become a vital revenue stream for sports radio and the demand for programming to offer daily content is crucial. My question to you is, why not utilize your on-air space to promote significant off-air content that your true everyday audience will flock to and thereby provide that digital number that our bosses crave? The only trick is that you must be consistent with whatever it is that you choose to do or you’ll find it hard to not only gain an audience but maintaining one as well.

Good luck, happy podcasting and try not to suck.

I’m out.

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