ESPN To Air Chris Paul Docuseries

The cover story to ESPN The Magazine’s October 30th NBA preview issue details Chris Paul’s decision to join the Houston Rockets. The network plans to compliment the issue by airing a three-part special following Paul to Houston starting this Thursday.

The 32 year old point guard joined the third team of his career this past June, via a surprising sign and trade deal. ESPN followed him through the decision process of choosing to leave Los Angeles for Houston. This Thursday, October 19th at 7pm ET, part one of the docuseries will air on ESPN. Following the premier of the first episode, parts two and three will also be available on-demand on the ESPN app. On Tuesday October 24th, ESPN will show the three part series in its entirety at 8pm ET.

Part one begins with the Los Angeles Clippers being eliminated from the playoffs and Paul looking at his first opportunity to be a free agent. He discusses the decision from a basketball standpoint of which roster gives him the best chance to win and the role he would play in the offense. Other important factors such as relocating his family and having his children switch schools are depicted.

The second episode follows Paul’s move to Houston, their welcoming to the city, followed by the devastating Hurricane Harvey which hit the city soon after Paul’s arrival. In part three Paul is in New York City for offseason business and on the court trying to develop chemistry with Rockets superstar James Harden. The series produced by ESPN Films, also includes cameos from JAY-Z and mentor Bob Iger as they provide Paul with advice.

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