Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

BSMP2-10: Bernie Miklasz – 101 ESPN

The 10th episode of Season 2 features a 50+ minute conversation with St. Louis sports radio host Bernie Miklasz. The longtime writer and current morning man for 101 ESPN reflects on his multimedia career and discusses his views on a number of topics related to the current state of the radio and print industries.

Jason also bypasses the 5 in 5 this week to focus on the big story involving the media’s coverage of the national anthem protests and how they’re affecting sports radio, television, print and social media.


  • When he first discovered he wanted to pursue sports media
  • His first job as a High School sports editor and photographer
  • Landing an opportunity at the Baltimore News-American
  • Changes in media but old school principles that remain
  • The challenge of writing on a deadline and excelling at it
  • Why it’s important to be more than one dimensional
  • What the early days of St. Louis sports radio was like
  • Staying at 1380 over KFNS and how it ended up paying off
  • His initial hesitation of going to work for Jason at 101 ESPN
  • The balance of introducing calls and whether a co-host matters
  • What he looks for out of a producer and his role in their careers
  • Losing the Rams but not missing a beat as a radio station
  • How the losses of Bryan Burwell and Joe Strass affected him
  • Earning the respect as a host of the industry’s top programmers
  • Navigating a programming clock and the pros and cons of it
  • Quick Hits: Advice for writing, Best/Worst of JB, Best STL host


Bernie’s Twitter handle: @Miklasz

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