Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

Now Hear This: The Musers

Week One of the NFL has come and gone, and while thousands of sports talk radio shows overreact with only one game to chew on (that’s what we do), I decided to scan across the country and find something that caught my ear on “reaction Monday”. What better place to look than Dallas, Texas and check in on this year’s winner of the Marconi award for best Sports Talk Radio Station? Side note: Congrats to everyone involved with Cumulus Media Dallas for earning this prestigious award. It doesn’t get any better than a Marconi.

Reaction Monday is obviously a big deal in sports talk radio. Extra ears tune in to your radio station during football season to hear your hosts opinions on what happened the day before. In markets with multiple sports stations, the battle for those ears can be intense and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some PD’s like to keep it light on guests while others think guests are vitally important on Mondays to maximize your coverage.

While I was scanning through The Ticket’s Monday offerings, I came across the station’s morning show – The Musers. What grabbed my attention immediately was something labeled “Jerry Jones”. Now I know that the Cowboys owner does a weekly talk show on rival CBS Radio station 105.3 The Fan but hey, I don’t live in Dallas so maybe that deal had changed? OK, let’s take a listen to what Jerry had to say the day after his boys walloped the New York Giants 19-3.

Listening to it live, it honestly took me about two minutes into the interview to realize that it wasn’t Jerry Jones. I’m sure if I lived in the Dallas market I’d have already known what I was tuning in for. Simply put, this segment was pure radio gold!

Again, this was the first time I’ve listened to the segment on the Ticket’s morning show and I’m fairly certain that “Jerry” is likely one of the hosts with a great impression. This isn’t a new bit in radio but not everyone has the gall to poke fun at an owner in their market, let alone one of the most powerful owners in all of professional sports.

The seven minute “interview” began with “Jerry” talking about their big win over the Giants and how excited Cowboy fans must be today. It’s when the conversation moved forward and Jerry talked about the team going 16-0, dubbing Jason Witten “Smooth Chocolate” and being confused because he’d grown used to Tony Romo throwing interceptions that I began to understand what I was in for.

I’ll let you listen to the rest of this very funny and laugh-out-loud bit as I honestly don’t feel comfortable transcribing most of it. Programmers have always encouraged sports talk hosts to “walk the line” but these guys are dancing a Texas two-step all over it.

You don’t always have to keep it hard-core on a Monday-after. It’s OK to keep it light and find a spot for a few laughs. What makes it magical is when you find a bit that works and you feel confident enough to keep it fresh regularly. Then you MUST make it a staple, same time – same day. If it truly works, like Fake Jerry does, you’ll build an audience on that bit alone, and keep racking up those quarter hours. We all know appointments are everything in the PPM world so why not find one that you know is going to keep em’ coming back?

Now excuse me while I go comb my hair with a brisket sandwich.

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