Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Now Hear This: Emily Compagno on The Drive – Sports 1140

Last week I wrote about the power of the weekly interview. Although interviews that occur at the same time each week carry a lot of weight with the audience, you also need your go-to experts for when big stories break. The NCAA scandal which broke early Wednesday morning, now sits atop the iron throne for sports talkers as the NFL’s national anthem saga bends the knee for the moment. When first reported, it seemed as if this may just be another run-of-the-mill college sports humiliation but as it slowly begins to unfold it’s clearly quite serious. FBI, wire taps, raids, arrests, suspensions all accumulating after three years of work by the feds, this one is something straight out of your favorite primetime television drama. It’s a perfect scenario for when a sports station can benefit from calling upon a go-to expert to break it down.

Enter Emily Compagno on The Drive/Sports 1140 in Sacramento with Carmichael Dave and Kayte Christensen (To hear her interview, click here and go 19:25 into hour #2).

First a little background on Ms. Compagno; she grew up in El Cerrito, CA, graduated from the University of Washington, earned her law degree from the University of San Francisco, passed the California Bar Exam and opened her own practice all before she was 30 years old. She’s now a legal analyst providing insight into sports law on national/local television and radio plus she’s a former Raiderette.

During my time at KHTK we had Emily on whenever a story like this would break. She has a way of explaining extremely complex legal cases to the hosts and more importantly, the listeners. Each time Emily appears on the air she brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation along with an ability to inform all who tune-in. These are the types of guests that every show and station must have readily available no matter the story or sport. Carmichael Dave and Kayte Christensen can crack their mics at 6 am; pontificate and speculate about what may happen, deliver the facts as they develop, take phone calls and play sound bites from the day before but having the ability to bring on an expert who can advance the discussion into deeper areas is invaluable.

Aaron Hernandez, Donald Sterling, CTE, Tiger Woods (off the course), Lance Armstrong and Penn State, these are the stories that require a deeper level of knowledge and every producer/host/show should have a go-to expert guest who can provide both the hosts and listeners a vast amount of information and insight. Listen to the interview, I dare you to show me a better go-to sports legal expert than Emily. You can’t do it.

To learn more about Emily and see her work, check out her website; Sorry guys, she’s recently married and off the market.

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