Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Kara Lawson Named Wizards Game Analyst

Kara Lawson played in the WNBA from 2003- 2015 while also working as an NBA analyst during the off-season for a number of years. CSN announced Lawson as the Wizards primary game analyst for the upcoming season, replacing former NBA player Phil Chenier. She will be paired with play-by-play commentator Steve Buckhantz. Buckhantz and Chenier have been the Wizards primary broadcast team for over 20 years.

Regarding his new broadcast partner, Buckhantz said the following:

“It’s one thing to know the game, which all these ex-athletes do, But it’s another thing to be a broadcaster, and to know how to do TV. And she does. She’s polished, she’s done it for many many years, and I could tell that in the audition. She was just easy to work with. So she’ll be fine, and I’ll be fine, and we’ll be good together. It just takes a little time.”

Not only is Lawson one of the first female broadcasters to be named a team’s primary analyst, at the age of 36 she’s also one of the NBA’s youngest broadcasters. During Lawson’s playing career she worked as a studio analyst for the Sacramento King’s as well as ESPN. In 2007, she was the first woman to work as an NBA analyst during a national game.

Lawson will continue to work for ESPN as part of their NBA and College Basketball coverage. Phil Chenier will still work for CSN as a studio analyst and fill in for Lawson when her ESPN duties take precedent.

At the beginning of her broadcasting career, becoming the primary color analyst for an NBA team may have seemed doubtful in a field dominated by men. Today, it’s more prominent with qualified females such as Sarah Kustok and Doris Burke earning major roles at both the regional and national levels.

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