Wed. Sep 26th, 2018

Craig Carton Suspended By WFAN

Following his arrest due to allegedly being involved in a ponzi scheme, Craig Carton has been suspended by WFAN. The news was confirmed via a statement from the radio station on Wednesday evening.

Carton is accused of ripping off millions of dollars from investors by selling bogus concert tickets to help pay off bad gambling debts. Reports say Carton and business partner Joseph Meli, snagged at least $3.6 million from two investors, with an additional $2 million pocketed by Carton from one of the same two investors.

Carton has since been freed on $500,000 bond. He and his attorney have declined comment on the situation.

WFAN had former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms co-host Thursday morning’s show with Boomer Esiason. Future fill-ins will be announced by WFAN when needed.

During today’s program, Esiason offered love and support for his partner, but said he’s determined to move forward without him if necessary.

“Maybe our point guard’s not here but we’re going to continue to do it and I’m going to bring my friends in here until we find a permanent replacement, if in fact that’s where this is going to take us,” said Esiason. “I just want people to know out there that I love my partner for 10 years. I still love my partner. I love his family, I love his kids. And I am praying every single day that he lands on his feet, that they land on their feet, and there’s nothing worse than having a family go through what they have to go through now.”

Esiason also expressed his gratitude to the audience and the radio station’s sponsors, and even publicly acknowledged Mike Francesa, a frequent target on the show and a nemesis of Carton’s, for having a supportive heart-to-heart talk with him on Wednesday after the news broke about Carton’s arrest and alleged involvement in a ponzi scheme.

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