Mon. Aug 20th, 2018

Carton: When The Facts Come Out, You’ll See I’m Not Guilty

Craig Carton has spoken for the first time following his arrest last week. The WFAN talk show host issued a statement professing his innocence.

Carton said that he is confident he will be found not guilty of the accusations levied against him, and looks forward to addressing the endless stream of vitriol being hurled in his direction. He thanked family, friends, fans and radio co-host Boomer Esiason for standing by him during a difficult period and vowed to return stronger than ever.

In the statement, Carton promised his fight had just begun. He said that it’s been extremely difficult staying silent but once all of the facts are presented, people will see that he’s not guilty.

The arrest of the WFAN morning host took place on the morning of September 6th. Carton is charged with helping run a multi-million dollar “Ponzi” scheme which fleeced investors of millions of dollars in order to pay off alleged gambling debts. He is currently suspended by WFAN.

His attorney, Robert C. Gottlieb of Gottlieb & Janey, has previously stated that Carton is a victim who was deceived, manipulated, and used. Carton has been part of WFAN’s morning show since 2007. The pair have had tremendous success, earning a reputation for being one of the industry’s best shows.

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