Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

BSMP2-9: Dan Mason – CBS Sports Network

On the 9th episode of Season 2, radio executive turned play by play announcer Dan Mason joins the show to discuss the various stages of his broadcasting career. Dan offers his insights on transitioning from programming to senior management, the rise of the sports format, dealing with controversies, Howard Stern’s exit from terrestrial radio, the merger between CBS and Entercom, Chris Olivero’s emergence as a broadcast executive, the strengths and areas of opportunity for the CBS Sports Radio Network, the market he wishes CBS would’ve launched a sports station in, how to excite ad buyers and local business owners about investing in sports radio brands, why the ratings demo for sports radio should be Men 35-64, talking his way into a play by play opportunity on the CBS Sports Television Network after not having called a game in decades, and why teams would be well served to bring radio executives into their tent to help them gain more dollars from their media partnerships.

Given the recent events in the sports media world, the 5 in 5 extends this week to a 5 in 6. Yes that’s right. Sixty extra seconds of commentary, free of charge. The areas of focus are the ESPN-Jemele Hill saga, Clay Travis’ appearance on CNN, the failure of DAZN to deliver a high quality NFL viewing experience for Canadian football fans, Amazon’s ability to present a powerful story for advertisers and the passing of Austin sports radio host Sean Adams.


  • The early days of his radio career and what they included
  • His advice for programmers looking to become GM or CEO
  • The lack of PD’s gaining bigger management opportunities
  • How he prepared himself to lead an entire organization
  • What a day in the life of a radio CEO is really like
  • Chris Olivero’s growth and what makes him exceptional
  • Handling chaotic situations and how he’d handle them
  • The exit of Howard Stern and what he’d have done differently
  • How he’d advise ESPN to handle situations like Jemele Hill’s
  • What he liked about sports radio that convinced him to expand
  • The one market he didn’t launch sports in that he wishes he had
  • Radio’s biggest challenges in gaining more $ from advertisers
  • What sports stations can do to convince buyers to invest in them
  • Why sports radio’s ratings story should be Men 35-64, not 25-54
  • The birth of the CBS Sports Radio Network
  • What the network has done well and where it can still be improved
  • The merger between CBS-Entercom and why it’s good for radio
  • How he talked CBS Sports Network execs into giving him a PXP shot
  • What goes into preparation when calling a play by play broadcast
  • Preparing for a big race as a Horse Racing analyst and what is involved
  • Why it’d be wise for teams to loosen the reigns with media partners
  • Quick Hits: Favorite station, WFAN changes, Best at PXP, Reversing one move


Dan’s Twitter handle: @DanMasonSports

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