Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

BSMP2-7: Jim Rome – CBS Sports Radio

The 7th episode of Season 2 features a deep dive into Jim Rome’s broadcasting career. Over the course of 40+ minutes Jim offers his insights on starting on the local level, expanding into syndication, building a national brand thru the addition of TV, going thru adversity following the Jim Everett situation, moving from Premiere to CBS Sports Radio, the possibility of a return to sports television, the UFC rumors, the growth of sports debate, the birth of the clones, the importance of understanding the business of sports radio, what he looks for in a producer, staying receptive to feedback, how he determines if a benchmark or piece of content still is relevant, and much more.

Also, Jason returns with a 5 in 5, taking a look at the Mitch Levy situation in Seattle, 97.5 The Fanatic’s PD change in Philadelphia, how the radio community has rallied to help those in need in Houston, the fallout from the Ryen Russillo incident at ESPN Radio, and a couple of takeaways from the Podcast Movement Conference.


  • Getting started in radio and when he knew it was what he wanted to do
  • Pursuing a career as a host in the sports format when it barely existed
  • Landing an opportunity in San Diego as a host at XTRA Sports 690
  • Climbing from evenings to middays to being national syndicating
  • His first four affiliates and how he served new stations and listeners
  • Having his contract purchased by Premiere Radio Networks
  • The rapid rise of affiliate growth and becoming a national success
  • Developing a TV presence on ESPN2 and why it appealed to him
  • Facing his first major adversity (Jim Everett) and how he overcame it
  • Working to make sure his career wasn’t defined by the Jim Everett saga
  • Growing his radio audience by becoming more involved in television
  • His interest in regaining a stronger presence on sports television
  • The rumors of calling UFC fights and whether or not he considered it
  • Making the switch from Premiere Radio Networks to CBS Sports Radio
  • Whether or not there’s too much sports audio content available
  • Learning the role of being a businessman, not just a sports media host
  • Building long relationships with producers and what he looks for in them
  • Remaining open to feedback from PD’s despite his decades of success
  • Determining whether or not content has lasting power or has timed out
  • How The Clones were born into existence and became a part of his show
  • The way sports talk radio has changed over the past three decades
  • Picking his spots when discussing social issues and steering clear of politics
  • Debate programming on TV and how he feels about the way its grown
  • Quick Hits: Which son follows him, fill-in hosts, improving, most proud moment


Jim’s Twitter handle: @JimRome

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