Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Now Hear This: The Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn

When it comes to sports talk radio a host must wield many talents daily; address the topics of the day in a passionate manner, be funny and entertaining, possess a vast amount of knowledge, know how to interview your guests but perhaps most importantly – don’t be afraid to share your opinion despite what the majority of your audience may think. Today is my first “Now Hear This” for and I decided to focus on a fairly recent story that I’m familiar with but from the perspective of hosts from the opposite coast.

In this case, I came across the thoughts and opinions of Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn in Baltimore at 105.7 The Fan. You can hear the segment I’m sharing my feedback on at the bottom of this column.

Let’s go back a few weeks ago to when we learned that Ravens QB Joe Flacco suffered an injury to his back, causing him to likely miss the preseason, and possibly be out even longer. Very quickly word spread of Colin Kaepernick potentially being a good fit to backup Flacco. Like most stories involving Kaepernick over the last year, this became a heated and controversial topic across the country.

For Scott and Jeremy, they are living and working in the market in question. They had the responsibility of informing their listeners of the latest developments in the story, but more importantly, they had to deliver their opinions without fear of their listeners disagreeing with them. The good news is that the guys did EXACTLY that.

Jeremy Conn comes out firing telling the listeners to STOP sending him emails about Kap and the military. He follows it up by pointing out that Kap never said anything disparaging about the military. He explains that he didn’t agree with the pig socks that Kap wore (both hosts agree) and the only issue is that the former 49ers QB took a knee.

The guys have a great back and forth, with Scott disagreeing with Kap taking a knee because he feels it disrespects our country and military. Jeremy adds that he’s never walked a mile in Kap’s shoes so it’s hard for him to fully understand where Colin is coming from. There’s laughs to be had when Jeremy gives out Scott’s email (as his own) in the event the audience wants to continue the conversation off-air. Both guys agree on one thing in particular, Kaepernick is an interesting option considering the Ravens current back up is Ryan Mallett.

Additionally, Jeremy mentions that Joe Flacco spoke at camp on the topic and said that he’s rooting for Kaepernick to return to football but just not with the Ravens. Props to the producer as the audio was pulled and played back which helped end the segment nicely. It shows they were thinking along with the show and adding to the on-air presentation.

Whether you agree with Scott and Jeremy on the topic or not isn’t important. What does matter is that the guys checked all of the necessary boxes.

Deliver the latest news – Check

Passionate – Check

Funny and Humorous – Check

No Fear – Chceck

I applaud both Scott and Jeremy because they clearly have a chemistry that enables them to take on a difficult topic like this while remaining true to who they are at heart. They present themselves as two guys who are passionate about what they do but still find a way to keep things light and entertaining.

Kaepernick, as we all know, did not end up signing with the Ravens and still remains a free agent. If Flacco’s back heals up and he remains relatively injury free this year, that will likely be the end of this story in Baltimore. On the other hand, if Joe isn’t right and Mallett stinks up the joint, this story will likely revive itself in some way shape or form. If it does, it will be interesting to see how much Scott and Jeremy revisit the idea of adding a certain QB with Super Bowl experience on the roster…assuming of course that he’s still available

Kevin Sherrets has served as Program Director of Sports Radio 1140 KHTK in Sacramento, Assistant Program Director and Executive Producer of 104.3 The Fan in Sacramento, and Executive Producer of Sacramento Kings radio broadcasts. You can follow him on Twitter @KevinSherrets. To reach him by email click here.

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