Fri. Aug 17th, 2018

WFAN Celebrates 30 Years of Broadcasting

WFAN is celebrating its 30-year anniversary today by broadcasting live from Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall. Boomer and Carton, Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts, and Mike Francesa are all live on location and joined by a few heavy hitters from the sports and broadcasting business.

Today’s special includes a return visit from Don Imus, a conversation with Yankees broadcaster and the first voice to appear on ‘The FAN’ Suzyn Waldman, and appearances by former weekday hosts Sid Rosenberg, Russ Salzberg and Jody McDonald. A number of high profile New York athletes, executives and owners are expected to check in as well. For the full list of today’s guests click here.

As WFAN reflects back on the past 30-years, it’s also created online content to capture what’s stood out most from the sports world during the past three decades. The station has listed its Top 10 sports figures, sports moments, and favorite teams. To see who cracked the top 10 in each category click here.

WFAN Progam Director and CBS Radio VP of Sports Programming Mark Chernoff said, “We are proud to be a part of the fabric of New York sports. WFAN has wonderful, appreciative and engaged listeners who are the backbone of the station, as well as leading talent, that together allow WFAN to achieve groundbreaking success and have helped the station become an institution in the Big Apple. It is no coincidence that the station is nicknamed ‘The FAN,’ acting as a mouthpiece for die-hard sports enthusiasts.”

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