Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

BSMP1-13: Ric Bucher – Mad Dog Sports Radio/Bleacher Report

The NAB Show took place in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and one session which created some industry noise was “Today in Podcasting – A Radio Station’s Guide To Metrics, Reach, Distribution and Monetization.” During the session, it was implied that listening times were longer than what had previously been reported by Bridge Ratings’ Podcasting Best Practices – The Study. So where does that leave radio stations who are trying to determine their best plan of attack with their digital audio strategies? Jason offers his thoughts and suggestions.

This week’s guest needs no introduction. But we’ll give him one anyway.

Ric Bucher has spent twenty five years carving out a highly successful sports media career, including reinventing himself from a writer and beat reporter into a multi-platform sports media personality. He’s enjoyed national stints with ESPN, Bleacher Report and SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, and gained his local sports radio education while working for Jason at 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. In this conversation, Ric reflects on his various career experiences, and offers his advice, insights and opinions on a number of industry related subjects.


  • The early days entering the business and growing as a writer and reporter
  • What goes into working a daily beat and what it takes to be successful at it
  • How to handle situations when you’re wrong and prevent future incidents
  • An introduction to local radio on San Francisco and what it taught him
  • The difference in mindset, preparation and execution in AM & PM drive
  • Providing PR advice to athletes who are considering entering sports media
  • How he’d have advised ESPN to handle their PR crisis of eliminating 100 people
  • What he saw in Bleacher Report that convinced him they’d grow & compete big
  • Ric takes exception to the lack of coverage for his partner (Nicole) and agent (Debbie)
  • How each day’s show on SiriusXM gets assembled given the communication challenges
  • Quick Hits – ESPN stint, Best player to cover, Sideline reporting, Today’s best insider


Ric’s Twitter handle: @RicBucher

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