Mon. Sep 17th, 2018

Welcome To The 2017 Sports Radio Draft

Each year when millions across the nation get diagnosed with a heavy case of ‘Draft Fever’, I like to use the most popular event of the NFL’s off-season to relate it to the world of sports radio. Given the differences in cost, style, geography, and the varying tastes in each program director, we have no way of knowing whether or not sports radio’s top personalities would have success in other locations.

But it’s fun to ponder the possibilities.

Imagine if an annual draft took place and every single talk show host was up for grabs. Would Mike Francesa have the same impact in Chicago or San Francisco? How much of a difference maker would Dan Patrick be in a local market? Which personality would slip to the later rounds and become the sports talk format’s version of Tom Brady?

It’s fun to play the “what if” game, but the truth is we will never be able to answer these questions. However, since this is draft day, and the best and brightest NFL front office executives have as much of a shot at being right with their selections, as a talk show host does with their opinions, I figure, let’s roll the dice and have some fun.

This is the third year I’m conducting this exercise and although I’ve enjoyed producing the 2015 and 2016 Sports Radio Draft’s with the help of the nation’s top program director’s, I felt it was time to shake things up. Since many on-air personalities feel they can identify talent better than their bosses, I decided to give them the opportunity to prove it.

You’ll find that this year’s cast is comprised of thirty two on-air personalities who are well known either on a local or national level. Each host was given the freedom to select any sports talk personality that they wanted. The only conditions were that they couldn’t pick themselves, or anyone who was taken before them.

While we certainly won’t change the world with this exercise, I hope you’ll enjoy it and remember that when it comes to the world of sports radio, everything is subjective, and anything can happen.

Now here are the results of the 2017 Sports Radio Draft (the hosts who were involved drafting are on the left, the personalities they selected are on the right).

Order Drafting Host/Station Drafted Host/Station
1. Ken Carman, 92.3 The Fan-Cleveland Mike Francesa-WFAN
2. John Lund-KNBR-San Francisco Colin Cowherd-Fox Sports Radio
3. David Kaplan-ESPN 1000-Chicago Tom Waddle-ESPN 1000
4. Matt Jones-Kentucky Sports Radio-Lexington Bomani Jones-ESPN Radio
5. Jason Fitz,-102.5 The Game-Nashville Dan Patrick-Fox Sports Radio
6. Brandon Tierney-CBS Sports Radio Stephen A. Smith-ESPN NY/LA
7. Mark Willard-XTRA Sports 1360-San Diego Tony Kornheiser-DGital Media
8. Chris Kroeger-102.5/610 The Fan-Charlotte Dan Le Batard-ESPN Radio
9. Mo Egger-ESPN 1530-Cincinnati Ryen Russillo-ESPN Radio
10. Evan Cohen-SiriusXM Chris “Mad Dog” Russo-SiriusXM
11. Matt Moscona-104.5 ESPN-Baton Rouge Jim Rome-CBS Sports Radio
12. Nick Wright-FOX Sports Radio Danny Parkins-670 The Score
13. Doug Franz-Arizona Sports 98.7-Phoenix Brock Huard-710 ESPN Seattle
14. Chris Carlin-Sports Radio WIP-Philadelphia Adam Schein-SiriusXM
15. Kent Sterling-CBS Sports 1430-Indianapolis Clay Travis-FOX Sports Radio
16. Freddie Coleman-ESPN Radio  Damon Amendolara-CBS Sports Radio
17. Steve Czaban-ESPN 980-Washington D.C. Nick Wright-FOX Sports Radio
18. Jorge Sedano-ESPN LA 710-Los Angeles Evan Cohen-SiriusXM
19. Marc James-CBS Sports Radio Mike Valenti-97.1 The Ticket
20. Darren McKee-104.3 The Fan-Denver Craig Carton-WFAN
21. Gregg Henson-1130 WDFN-Detroit Mike Rhyner-Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket
22. Marc Hochman-WQAM-Miami Marc Silverman-ESPN 1000
23. Gregg Giannotti-CBS Sports Radio Josh Innes-SportsTalk 790
24. Joe Fortenbaugh-95.7 The Game-San Francisco Greg Papa-95.7 The Game
25. Sean Pendergast-Sports Radio 610-Houston Chris Vernon-The Ringer
26. Adam Schein-SiriusXM Mike Greenberg-ESPN Radio
27. Bob Fescoe-610 Sports-Kansas City Ben Maller-FOX Sports Radio
28. Shan Shariff-105.3 The Fan-Dallas Jeff Cavanaugh-105.3 The Fan
29. Steve “Sparky” Fifer-105.7 The Fan-Milwaukee Jonathan Hood-ESPN 1000
30. Chris Mueller-93.7 The Fan-Pittsburgh Gregg Giannotti-CBS Sports Radio
31. Carl Dukes-92.9 The Game-Atlanta Fred Toucher-98.5 The Sports Hub
32. Andy Gresh-WPRO-Providence Rich Shertenlieb-98.5 The Sports Hub

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