Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

BSMP1-9: Doug Gottlieb – FOX Sports Radio

On the 9th episode of the BSM Podcast, Barrett Sports Media President Jason Barrett examines the way FOX Sports Radio has improved its lineup over the past 4 years and explains why local stations with network affiliations could leave ESPN Radio for FSR in the future if things remain in their current form.

Also, FSR’s newest acquisition Doug Gottlieb, fresh off of a five year run with CBS Sports after a successful stint at ESPN, stops by to discuss his decision to jump to FOX Sports, the emotional difficulty of going thru the process of pursuing the Oklahoma State basketball head coaching vacancy, how he’ll remember his time at CBS, what he thinks of the narrative being written about ESPN, plus a whole lot more.


  • Why he’s comfortable and excited about his new opportunity with FS1 and FSR
  • A debate over Colin Cowherd’s comments about FOX’s location helping it vs. ESPN
  • What FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports Radio are doing well and where they can improve
  • Why Richard Deitsch’s reporting in Sports Illustrated doesn’t sit well with Doug
  • Reflecting on his time at CBS Sports and why he considers it a missed opportunity
  • What Doug feels about the current narrative being written about ESPN and ESPN Radio
  • How he’s grown as a boadcaster on radio and television during the past decade
  • His previous challenges with focus and trust and how he’s improved in recent years
  • What Tony Romo is going thru and how Doug would advise him to approach the job
  • The emotional roller coaster he went on talking to Oklahoma State after signing with FOX
  • Quick Hits – coaching or sports media, best host, the end of Mike and Mike, #1 influence


Doug’s’ Twitter handle: @GottliebShow

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