Fri. Aug 17th, 2018

BSMP1-4: Damon Amendolara – CBS Sports Radio

Barrett Sports Media President Jason Barrett weighs in on the news of ESPN being tasked with eliminating on-air jobs as the network continues to experience a decline in subscribers and advertising revenues.

Plus CBS Sports Radio Network host Damon Amendolara chats with Jason about his sports radio journey, earning the wrath of WFAN’s Mike Francesa, his reasons for passing up opportunities in a few great sports radio markets, the method to his madness in approaching social and digital platforms, and much more.


  • When he first became interested in sports talk radio
  • Landing his first radio job in Fort Meyers thanks to Thom Abraham
  • Moving to Kansas City to join 610 Sports and how the job came about
  • Adjusting to life and a new situation in the Midwest and how he did it
  • Leaving KC for WQAM and the challenges he faced working in Miami
  • Why he passed up an opportunity to join 101 ESPN in St. Louis in 2008
  • Mark Chernoff calls and asks him to join 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston
  • How he developed a connection with his Boston audience as a New Yorker
  • What made it appealing to leave The Hub to join the CBS Sports Radio Network
  • Earning Mike Frances’s wrath for using his initials during the CBS Sports Minute
  • Why he believes it’s critical as a host to be active in social and digital media spaces
  • Quick Hits – best PD, toughest market, #1 regret, sports talk’s weakness, future goals


DA’s’ Twitter handle: DAonCBS

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