Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

BSMP1-3: Chris Dimino – 680 The Fan

Barrett Sports Media President Jason Barrett shares his thoughts on KNBR cancelling sports updates and whether or not they still have value for sports radio stations. Chris Dimino of 680 The Fan in Atlanta also drops by for a chat about the highs and lows of his radio career and his approach to a variety of subjects related to hosting a sports talk show.


  • How Chris landed his break after being a caller to Scott Ferrell’s show
  • Why programmer Mike Thompson liked him but not breaking the bank
  • Helping to create 790 The Zone with Steak Shapiro & Andrew Saltzman
  • The reasons why Mayhem In The AM became a popular show in Atlanta
  • Hosting 7 hours a day, in two markets, and the challenge of doing it well
  • His advice for hosts who are entering a new market & trying to get over
  • How 790 The Zone lost its identity when Lincoln Financial took the reigns
  • Being in the middle of a firestorm after a bit about Steve Gleason went awry
  • What he learned from the situation, being fired & how it’s affected him today
  • How he’d recommend to respond if faced with a tough career changing moment
  • Choosing to return 680 The Fan when 92.9 The Game was also interested
  • Building a relationship with new teammates after going thru a career low point
  • The possibility of a second run with his former partners on Mayhem In The AM
  • Not doing interviews with conditions & how it came into play with OJ Simpson
  • Quick Hits – radio host traits, 2 Live Stews, no love for ATL sports radio, PD qualities


Chris’ Twitter handle: @chrisdimino


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