Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

Facebook Interested In Live Streaming MLB Games

Facebook is interested in becoming a larger distributor for sports play by play. The social media giant is engaged in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream one game per week during the upcoming season according to a report in Reuters.

Facebook has increased its interest in live streaming games, hoping the strategy takes away some momentum from one of its chief rivals, Twitter, who have moved into the space over the past year.

“Facebook is aggressively going after sports content and they are now one of a number of competitors to traditional media outlets that are going after sports programming,” said sports media consultant Lee Berke. “It makes perfect sense that they would be going after name brand properties like the MLB.”

The report suggests that the two companies are in advanced talks. It’s unknown which games and/or days Facebook would make MLB broadcasts available on its platform. Should a partnership be reached, it would help MLB in its attempt to reach a larger younger audience.

In recent months, Facebook has live streamed global basketball, soccer matches and table tennis. Twitter remains in partnership with the NFL. Only the future will tell us whether or not Mark Zuckerberg’s company plans to play in that space too.

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