Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

The Barrett Sports Media Podcast Is Coming Soon

If you frequent this website, chances are you’ve noticed the podcast section has been quiet for the past few months. Starting in February 2017, that’s about to change.

I am excited to announce that the Barrett Sports Media Podcast will debut February 8th, and this time it’ll be yours truly entering the podcast arena, and taking his place behind the microphone.

The goal of the new podcast is to feature one episode per week, and when news or situations warrant, and time allows, provide additional audio offerings. I considered launching a podcast in 2016, but with BSM in its development stages, I wanted to be sure I could afford the time to produce it consistently. Since then I’ve been fortunate to grow the business, and work with a number of excellent clients, and I now have a better handle on my schedule and commitments.

For those of you wondering about the status of the Podcast About Sports Radio, the answer is life has happened. Zach McCrite has done an excellent job with the PASR, but his daily responsibilities have required a heavier focus. Zach still hosts radio shows in Louisville, and if you’ve listened to any of his previous 77 episodes, the good news is that they’ll remain available on the website. When Zach produces future episodes of the PASR, they too will be included and promoted by BSM. Our friendship and professional relationship remains unchanged.

I want to thank Steve Stone for lending his voice to the new podcast. He’s not only an industry friend, but an exceptional voice guy who I had the good fortune of working with during my time in San Francisco at 95.7 The Game. Brands looking for a new fresh sound for their stations are encouraged to check out his work. He and Jim Cutler remain two of my favorite voice talents in the sports format.

It’ll take a little adjusting to the host’s chair. I spent the first eight years of my career on the air, but decided I liked too many other parts of the industry to want to focus solely on hosting. When I did occupy the airwaves, the parts of it that I enjoyed the most were interviewing interesting people and connecting with the audience. Those are two parts of this new venture that I’m looking forward to.

The content of the podcast will be focused on the business and art of sports radio. However, there may be a few occasions where I venture into sports television, digital audio, and/or print to conduct conversations and address issues from each of those mediums. My goal is to talk with personalities, programmers, reporters, producers, business leaders, and corporate executives, and supply a deeper look into what it takes to create and be successful in today’s sports media environment.

If you work in the industry, and would like to be considered for a future guest spot, email I can’t promise an appearance to everyone who’s interested, but I’ll try my best to respond back. I have a number of plans already in progress, among them include spending a few days in Houston during the week of Super Bowl, and conducting a few conversations in person. That also happens to be the week where this year’s Top 20 will be revealed.

To find out which future guests will be appearing on the podcast, stay tuned to the website or follow me on Twitter.

I appreciate your continued support of BSM, and look forward to hearing your feedback once the podcast officially launches. I must now end this blog in order to return to practicing my vocal exercises.

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