Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

Vin Scully’s Final Sign Off Was Perfect

To spend 67 years in sports broadcasting is unheard of. To do it with the grace, eloquence, warmth and consistency that Vin Scully did is virtually impossible. It’s why in the eyes of many he’s seen as the greatest play by play broadcaster in professional sports history.

The longtime voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers signed off for the final time yesterday as the Dodgers fell to the Giants 7-1. Ironically, Scully’s final game included the two teams he has been closest to throughout his life. He grew up a New York Giants fan and listed Willie Mays as his all-time favorite player. That bond was cut short though when he became the voice of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch or listen to Scully’s final sign off, I highly recommend it. It reminds us of why Vin was special, and why the role of an announcer can make such a difference when watching or listening to something as simple as a major league baseball game. Click here to enjoy it.

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