Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Dan LeBatard Labels Skip Bayless’ New Show As First Fake

Skip Bayless may have changed employers, but some in the media believe he’s doing the same exact show that he previously did for ESPN. Although the new program may include Joy Taylor and Shannon Sharpe instead of Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim, the early sentiment is that the formula for Undisputed is a clone of First Take.

The latest to call out Bayless and FS1 for lacking originality is ESPN Radio personality Dan Le Batard. Thanks to SportsGrid, video has been made available of Le Batard calling out FS1 for providing the same exact product as ESPN’s hit show First Take. In the clip, he says “I can’t believe that FOX is doing First Fake. It’s just the same show with Shannon Sharpe as the other black guy”.

This isn’t the first time Le Batard has called out personalities who chose to leave ESPN for FOX Sports. When Bayless initially announced he was leaving Bristol he said “The ego of these guys is such that they don’t believe they’re choosing money over winning. They believe they are going to make the difference. It’s happening right now in the sports opinion business. I told Colin Cowherd not to leave this spot. We were having conversations, now I’m revealing private conversations that I shouldn’t be, even though it would have benefited us. I was telling Colin Cowherd I don’t think you leave. You leave, you’re going to get lost, you’re going to do it for money and no one’s going to know where to find you. We don’t do this to have your voices stuffed in a drawer. We do this to be heard. Skip Bayless doesn’t think he’s going for money. He thinks he’s going to make a difference. And he’s not.”

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