Sat. Aug 18th, 2018

Curt Schilling To Talk Politics on The Howie Carr Network

Curt Schilling is entering the political talk arena. The former Major League Baseball pitcher who helped lead the Red Sox to multiple World Series titles is set to host a Saturday morning show on the Howie Carr Radio Network. The program is scheduled to air from 9a-12p ET.

Schilling, who was let go by ESPN after serving as an MLB Analyst, has been a conservative social media pundit with very strong outspoken views against the democratic party. He announced a few weeks ago that he was considering a 2018 run for U.S. Senate against Elizabeth Warren.

Carr, a longtime regional conservative talk show host and Boston Herald columnist who syndicates his self-owned program on 26 radio stations across New England, says Schilling’s Saturday morning show will be the first new program on the network. The show will premier on Carr’s affiliate station WFEA in Manchester, New Hampshire, but the network is currently working on adding other affiliates. It will also be available online at

According to Howie Carr Radio Network operations manager Jared Goodell, the program will be a current events show that could feature talk about presidential politics, New England politics, and more. It can also include conversation on the world of sports.

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