Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

PASR76: Lachlan McLean – ESPN 680



“Unless callers are going to advance the conversation, they’re not as necessary on a show with two voices. But I will staunchly defend solo hosts taking calls because you have to do that and break things up.” – Lachlan McLean

Lachlan McLean knew the “New York businessman” lifestyle wasn’t for him.  So much so that he had zero problem taking a 67 percent pay cut.

All to get into what he was doing in college… something he loved… sports.

After a lengthy stint in television, which included following his then-girlfriend-now-wife from smaller markets, McLean is now one of the most respected sports radio voices in the Louisville, Ky.–one of the few markets that has, as he puts it, “built-in conflict” everyday on the air. McLean is in his 12th year as a host there, now with ESPN 680 in the Derby City.

Hear more about his journey which includes networking his way into ESPN, how he went from a solo host to a two-man show, what makes a college sports market so much more interesting than a pro-heavy market and more in this episode of The PASR.


  • Being a listener of the PASR and industry friend of Zach’s
  • Transitioning from investment banking into sports media
  • Working at ESPN as a Production Assistant during the early years
  • Getting his break in a smaller market and meeting his wife there
  • Moving to Louisville and landing an opportunity in television
  • Calling national shows with Steve Czaban, Papa Joe and Kiley & Booms
  • Landing a chance to host sports talk on 840 WHAS for 11 years
  • Moving to Charlotte for his wife but the situation not working out
  • Returning to Louisville and landing his new show on ESPN 680
  • How he networked his way to ESPN and got hired by Al Jaffe
  • The differences between his show at 840 WHAS and ESPN 680
  • His assessment of how the sports talk radio format has evolved
  • Why college sports rivalry markets excite him the most as a host
  • The times when it makes sense to take phone calls or steer clear from it
  • His pet peeves – asking poor questions, taking yourself too seriously, bad guy talk


Lachlan’s Twitter handle: @LachTalk


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