Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Drew Olson Reveals He’s Joining The Big 920

Earlier this week we mentioned in our ‘Under The Radar‘ column that Milwaukee sports radio veteran Drew Olson was leaving Good Karma’s ESPN 540 after twelve years. Olson had worked alongside longtime on-air partner Dan Needles on the midday show. The radio station said that Olson wanted to focus more of his time on his sports media training company Crush It.

Well, it looks like Olson will be able to focus on his media company, while also holding down a radio job.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Olson has signed on with local competitor The Big 920 in Milwaukee. Olson confirmed the news on Twitter.


Olson says he will be a utility player on the radio station until a permanent spot is figured out. He’ll begin appearing on numerous shows starting Monday August 22nd.

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