Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Bart Winkler To Earn Bigger Role on The Fan in Milwaukee

After learning yesterday that Mike Wickett would be leaving his position as one half of the morning show on 105.7 The Fan in Milwaukee, the natural question was “who will replace him alongside Chuck Freimund”? Well, that answer has been provided.

Freimund expressed earlier on his Facebook page that he enjoyed working with Wickett, and is proud of the work they did together, but as is the case many times in life, the show must go on. Chuck says that Bart Winkler who has been a part of the show in the third chair will shift over to the lead spot to help form “Chuck and Bart” and he remains confident that the program will continue to enjoy great success.


In the meantime, Mike Wickett has confirmed via Facebook that he’ll be joining KMBZ in Kansas City. Wickett will team up with Jayme Monacelli on the midday show. His final day in Milwaukee will be Wednesday August 3rd.

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