Fri. Aug 17th, 2018

Stephen A. Says He Would’ve Gotten O.J Convicted

Sports media consumers enjoy entertaining conversations, strong opinions, and the occasional commentary that sounds like it’s been delivered from another planet. But this one from Stephen A. Smith probably belongs in another galaxy.

Today on First Take, Smith argued that if he had been the prosecutor during the O.J. Simpson trial, he would’ve been able to outmaneuver legendary defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, and prove to a jury that Simpson was guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Smith and Ronald Goldman.


Smith stated that the opinion might be the cockiest thing he’s ever said on the show, but he strongly believes that the evidence was clear. “If it were me, there’s no way in hell Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me with that evidence that they had,” Smith said. “I’m telling you right now — I’m not even a lawyer. There is no way that you would have put 12 jurors in front of me with that evidence and I would have lost.”

Stephen A. said he feels OJ is guilty as hell, and the prosecution, led by Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden, had a mountain of evidence that seemed to tip the case in their favor. He added that Darden did a horrendous job.

ESPN’s new documentary “O.J.: Made In America”, is said to be one of the network’s best productions, and a series that is expected to draw large audiences. Although Smith may have helped the series gain some buzz with his latest on-air commentary, we’re not sure it was needed. To suggest that he would’ve beaten Cochran in one of the most publicized cases of all-time, despite not having a legal background, seems to be a stretch on Smith’s part.

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