Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

PASR68: Chris Duncan – 101 ESPN



“It’s tough for the media when guys don’t give them something. It makes me appreciate the players who are more vocal and realize how important the media is. I think if I had known that when I was a player I would’ve given better interviews, been more open, and shown more of my personality.” – Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan is one of faces that sports radio fans in St. Louis notice immediately.  His place in St. Louis sports lore was cemented after being an important part of the St. Louis Cardinals’ 2006 World Series run.

But these days, it’s not just his face that is recognized.  It’s his voice.  ‘Dunc’ went from dugout to radio studio and became an instant hit in the space, not only taking what he knew from the baseball field and putting it in digestible terms for the common baseball fan, but also immersing himself in other sports to make him a very well-rounded, respected voice in St. Louis.

Hear about the transition from sports to media, how he prepares, how he handled the loss of the NFL Rams and much more in this edition of The PASR.


  • The highest point of his baseball career winning a World Series in 2006
  • Quickly discovering that his baseball career is coming to an end
  • How the process works when being examined medically by teams
  • Getting a call from Jason Barrett to explore moving into sports radio
  • Why his mother was a huge fan of him moving into the media business
  • His first time on-air with Bernie Miklasz who he had prior differences with
  • Getting helpful advice from Bernie and understanding the role of the media
  • Not realizing as a player how valuable the media is and why it pays to cooperate
  • When he discovered that working in media could be his second career
  • Earning his first daily two-hour show and then moving into afternoon drive
  • How he’d describe his show in St. Louis to those who aren’t familiar with it
  • The way his show has adjusted its coverage as a result of the Rams leaving



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