Tue. Aug 21st, 2018

PASR66: Joy Taylor – Fox Sports Radio



“Everybody that talks about sports or has a long form type of show, wants to insert other things about their lives or other interests into their show. But sports radio traditionalists don’t want to hear that. They want all-sports, all the time. But that’s not how people have conversations.” – Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor is as smart as they come. And luckily for the sports media industry, the idea of spending twelve years in school to pursue a career in psychology turned her off enough to consider a different path.

Once she figured out that the media business would be part of her future, she listed television as one of her many career goals. But while working towards a career on camera, she fell in love with radio. The medium allowed her to develop her voice, credibility, style, and persona, and it’s played a major role in the growth of her personality, while preparing her for the national stage.

Now with FOX Sports Radio and FOX Sports 1, Joy talks about her journey from music station intern, to producer, to must-listen talk show host in Miami, to radio and television star in Los Angeles in this episode of The PASR.


  • Entering college with an interest in psychology and discovering it was the wrong path
  • Getting her start in Miami at Power 96 as an intern and moving up to become a producer
  • Interning at WQAM on the Joe Rose Show while in college but not being ready for it
  • How working with Marc Hochman and Jonathan Zaslow helped her transition on-air
  • Why having chemistry with your on-air partner is important when disagreeing on topics
  • The reasons why more female personalities aren’t found on sports radio stations
  • Receiving the call from FOX Sports and what interested her in making the jump
  • What her future plans at the network will include (daily opinion driven television show)
  • The differences between Los Angeles and Miami and how she’s adjusted
  • Why personalities like Howard Stern and Dan Le Batard stand out
  • How she uses social media and why she believes it’s important



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