Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

The Fan 590 Comfortably Ahead In Toronto’s Ratings Race

The latest Toronto ratings have come out, and the results heavily favor The Fan 590, according to Toronto Sports Media. TSN 1050 changed their lineup in late February so to be fair, they haven’t exactly had a lot of time on the air with their new programs. That said, they’re so far behind that it’s unfair to call it a competition at this time.

In the desired demographic of Men 25-54, The Fan won every single daypart. Jeff Blair’s midday show was best in the market, nearly hitting double digits with its monthly performance. Bob McCown also was strong as usual.

The one bright spot for TSN 1050 were the results delivered by the afternoon show. Although they finished five points behind The Fan’s Bob McCown, they were the only program on the radio station to not have a zero in front of its ratings share. The one big concern has to be the midday show which nearly missed being rated.

Here are the full results for the month of April.

M-F 5:30a-9a:

  • The Fan 590 – Dean Blundell = 6.5
  • TSN 1050 – Naylor & Landsberg = 0.5

M-F 9a-12p:

  • The Fan 590 – Jeff Blair = 9.7
  • TSN 1050 – Macko & Cauz = 0.1

M-F 12p-1p:

  • The Fan 590 – Hockey Central = 4.7
  • TSN 1050 – Leafs Lunch = 0.6

M-F 1p-4p:

  • The Fan 590 – Andrew Walker = 5.8
  • TSN 1050 – Mike Richards = 0.7


M-F 4p-7p:

  • The Fan 590 – Bob Mccown = 7.3
  • TSN 1050 – OverDrive = 2.4




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