Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

“The Chop Shop” Hits The Houston Airwaves

Houston may have an abundance of sports radio stations, and softer ratings, but that hasn’t stopped another radio station from entering the fray and putting a new sports talk show on the air.

According to the Houston Chronicle, KYND-AM 1520 has added “The Chop Shop” to its weekday lineup. The show debuted on Monday, and will air weekdays from noon to 2pm, and feature Chris Walker and Jim Hicks. The show is believed to be one of few sports radio programs in Houston’s history to feature two black hosts.

Walker, played point guard for Villanova from 1988-1992. He also coached at Vanderbilt, Pepperdine, UMass, New Mexico and his alma mater Villanova. He was Texas Tech’s interim coach in 2012-2013.

Hicks, is the owner of RCSSports.com, and the leading high school basketball analyst in the city.

“We named it the Chop Shop because we’re going to chop up and dissect and talk about and break down various topics in sports,” Hicks said.

One advantage the show will have is the reach of the radio station’s signal. Hicks points out that the program will be able to be heard in Austin, Galveston, Beaumont, past Victoria and north to Lufkin.

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