Fri. Aug 17th, 2018

PASR61: Mike Meltser – Sports Radio 610



“You can listen to other people’s opinions, but it comes down to what you think, and how you feel when watching a team or player. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be swayed by the things that we hear even from the people we respect.” – Mike Meltser

Sometimes, just being close to the action is the best way to move up the ranks.

But you still have to be good. Really good. And that’s what Mike Meltser is.

Meltser was a host in Hartford, Connecticut, a stone’s throw away from ESPN. And when the talent is so close, before you know it, you’re doing updates for ESPN Radio.

Since then, it’s been nothing but upward for the current host at SportsRadio 610 KILT in Houston.

Hear about his climb and more in this edition of The PASR.


  • How he first became interested in sports radio
  • Landing his first paid job behind the scenes at SiriusXM
  • Advancing from local CT radio to the ESPN Radio network
  • Earning an opportunity in Houston thanks to Gavin Spittle
  • Moving up the ladder at 610 and replacing Jim Rome in middays
  • The way he’d describe his show and partnership with Seth Payne
  • What he considers the pros/cons of working with an athlete
  • How often his program weaves in lifestyle and pop culture
  • Which area of his game he believes he needs to improve on most
  • Creating an excellent sports update and what goes into it



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