Sat. Sep 22nd, 2018

Nick Wright Signs Off at Sports Radio 610 KILT

The final chapter of Nick Wright’s run with Sports Radio 610 KILT in Houston has been written. Wright, hosted is final program on the CBS radio station today.

After moving from Kansas City to Houston to take over mornings in 2012, and enjoying success with on-air partner John Lopez, Wright has made the decision to leave for Los Angeles to accept a new opportunity working on a daily talk show at Fox Sports 1.

The final show included tributes to Lopez, the morning show’s producer Jim Mudd, and news director Robert Henslee. Wright said the time he’s spent in Houston has changed the trajectory of his family’s life, and it will always be one of his homes.

As he wrapped up, he thanked the audience and his co-workers and said his regular signoff line “be safe, be easy” is not just a throwaway line…….You guys mean the world to me.”

KILT’s Program Director Ryan McCredden, hopes to make a decision on Wright’s successor by the end of the month. Station employees and part-timers are expected to get an opportunity to work opposite Lopez until a permanent successor is named.

Credit to the Houston Chronicle who originally provided some of this information

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