Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Dodgers Give Vin Scully His Own Avenue

Vin Scully, will call his final home opener Tuesday, when the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. But that doesn’t mean the fans won’t try to talk him into sticking around a little while longer.

On Monday, while addressing a crowd during the official renaming of Elysian Park Avenue to Vin Scully Avenue, he said the one thing he’d miss most in retirement was the roar of the crowd.

“I used to crawl underneath the radio, and the loudspeaker was directly over my head,” he said. “The only thing on the radio in those days was a college football game on a Saturday afternoon. I really wouldn’t know anybody playing, it might be Tennessee-Alabama. But when the crowd roared, when someone scored a touchdown, and that roar come out of the speaker head, it literally and figuratively was like water coming out of a shower head and I would get goose bumps all over.”

He continued “When you folks are at the ballpark and something happens and you let out a roar, I sit in there in the booth and I don’t say a word during that 40 seconds. I’m 8 years old again. I mean, how many times can you go back to when you’re 8 years old?”

It didn’t take long for fans in attendance to start chanting “One more year! One more year!” Scully smiled, and said “I’ve given it a lot of consideration, and, no, thank you very much.”


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