Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Will Simmons Hire an Editor To Cover ESPN?

Bill Simmons has made it no secret that he holds a grudge against his former employer ESPN. And now it appears that he’s ready to go on the offensive in even stronger fashion against the worldwide leader in sports.

On the recent installment of “The Bill Simmons Podcast”, Simmons’ friend Joe House said it was a shame they couldn’t have Brian Windhorst of ESPN appear to discuss the black cloud that’s been hanging overhead of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That lit the fire of Simmons who pointed out that Windhorst isn’t prohibited to appear because ESPN has blocked their employees from being a guest on his platform.

Simmons said the decision to prevent ESPN employees from speaking to him on his show now lays the ground rules for what will take place over the next few years, and he promises that it won’t be friendly. He went as far as to suggest that his new website, The Ringer will hire an editor whose primary focus would be to take shots and point out the mistakes made by ESPN.


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