Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Networks Are Lining Up For Peyton Manning


Television networks are ready to open up their checkbooks for Peyton Manning, should he want to explore a new television career. The recently retired Quarterback is said to have interest from Fox Sports, ESPN and the NFL Network.

“If he decides to pursue a career as a commentator, we would certainly be open to exploring that possibility with him,” ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said.

CBS and NBC would also make sense but they’ve yet to publicly express their desires to add the popular Quarterback to their programming.

“This is a time to congratulate him and celebrate everything that Peyton brought to NFL fans over his 18-year Hall of Fame career. We can discuss his future at a later time,” said an NBC spokesman.

In the past, Fox has shown that they’re not afraid to add someone straight from the field to their top-rated pre-game show. The network made that move with former New York Giants star Michael Strahan.

Currently, Manning is the most marketable player in the NFL. He’s drawn $12 million dollars per year in endorsement fees from Gatorade, Nationwide, Papa John’s and DirecTV. But, according to, which tracks player salaries, he made $249 million dollars on the field (more than any player in NFL history), so it’s not like the two time Super Bowl champion needs to work.

Other possibilities for Manning include a move into the front office, joining an ownership group, or simply riding off into the sunset and enjoying life after football just as Brett Favre did. But, if he shows even the slightest interest in doing television, he won’t have to search long to find employment.


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