Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

PASR50: Petros Papadakis – KLAC Los Angeles



 “Some guys in our business thrive on making people around them uncomfortable, and I think that’s a paranoid way of doing the work!” – Petros Papadakis

Petros Papadakis is a self-proclaimed “walking contradiction.”

He’s a football player that says “in a perfect world, football wouldn’t exist.”

He’s a sports talk show host who makes fun of passionate fans.

Papadakis talks about his transition from running back at USC to radio host and a whole lot more in this edition of the PASR.


  • How he transitioned to sports radio after playing at USC
  • How he’d describe his radio show to those not familiar with it
  • Defining your personality and changing with your life experiences
  • Being true to who you are vs. manufacturing a personality
  • When he became comfortable in his career as an on-air talent
  • The reason why it’s vital to keep your staff happy and feeling valuable
  • When he discovered that he had found his groove with his radio partner
  • Why he listens to music and not sports talk for inspiration
  • How giving out his phone # on the air has helped him



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