Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Carlin To Host on SiriusXM For Schein

Before Chris Carlin became recognized for his work as the voice of Rutgers football and basketball, and as a sports television host and commentator on SNY’s “SportsNite”, “Loud Mouths” and “Beer Money”, he was a radio guy, serving in multiple roles for WFAN. “The Continent” as he’s affectionately known, paid his dues behind the scenes, eventually earning on-air opportunities on The FAN as a host and update anchor on popular shows “Imus In The Morning” and “Boomer and Carton”.

In recent years his voice hasn’t been heard often hosting sports talk radio shows, but that’s about to change. Chris announced on Twitter over the weekend that he’ll be stepping in to host on “Mad Dog Radio” on SiriusXM on Monday. Carlin, will step in for former WFAN and SNY colleague Adam Schein.


Whether it leads to regular appearances on SiriusXM’s sports channels is unknown, but having “The Continent” back on the radio airwaves, no matter how infrequent it may be, is never a bad thing.

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