Tue. Sep 18th, 2018

WFNZ’s ‘Doghouse’ Benefits From Panthers Success

For sports station WFNZ-AM (“Fan” 610), the Panthers championship run this season has been a bonanza.

Ratings are up, excitement is high and the station’s Doghouse, a bar and tailgate destination at Mint and Morehead streets next to Bank of America Stadium, has never been busier.

Giant video screens will be added outside for Sunday’s playoff game against Seattle so more fans can party at the Doghouse, says D.J. Stout, WFNZ’s operations manager.

“It’s become a place where people actually go to watch the game,” says Stout. For those without tickets, it’s the next best thing to being there – people can hear the clamor inside the stadium on big plays.

This season, WFNZ has broadcast all its local programs on Mondays and Fridays from the Doghouse with its key hosts, including Chris McClain, Jim Celania, Colin Hoggard, Nate Conley, Frank Garcia, Mark Yarbro and Chris Kroeger. Pre- and post-game shows for home games have also been anchored at the Doghouse.

Stout says he thinks the Panthers’ success has had an impact on the city.

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