Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

PASR45: Marc Kestecher – ESPN Radio



Beating the door down (of your bosses), but not being obnoxious, is probably the most important thing to getting to where you want to be.” – Marc Kestecher

At an early age, Marc Kestecher was told that sports radio wasn’t going to pay the bills. So he went to Syracuse University and majored in chemical engineering.

It didn’t take long for “Kesty” to make a course correction and make radio his career of choice. Before too long, he was heard by the right guy at ESPN Radio and he took the opportunity given to him and has turned it into countless play-by-play, studio hosting and update anchoring duties.

Kestecher talks about his career arc, being coached by upper management, getting the “Popovich treatment” and more in this edition of “The Podcast About Sports Radio”.


  • Growing up as a kid listening to Larry King and Play by Play on the radio
  • Attending Syracuse University and pursuing chemical engineering
  • Getting his first break, calling play by play for the Albany Patroons
  • How he landed on ESPN Radio’s radar while working in Cleveland
  • What he believes is necessary to being a good studio host
  • When he got his first national play by play assignment and how he
  • How important he thinks it is to be aggressive in getting your boss’ attention
  • The best coaching feedback he has received to help him grow as a broadcaster
  • Tips on how to write and execute a great sports radio update
  • His most embarrassing broadcast moments



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