Thu. Sep 20th, 2018

Knoxville Host Apologizes For Using Poor Choice of Words

A Knoxville sports radio personality apologized on Wednesday for disparaging remarks he made about Kentucky star Makayla Epps earlier this week on his show.

The morning after the Cats’ 64-63 comeback victory over Tennessee at Memorial Coliseum, WNML “Sports Animal” host Jeff Jacoby went off on a rant about Epps, who scored 14 points in the third quarter to help UK get back in the game.

Within the rant, Jacoby said to his co-hosts that Epps is “one of those players that if she plays for you, you love her, and if she plays for the other team, you just want to put your fist through her face.”

The self-proclaimed “Tennessee homer” on the four-hour sports talk show told the Herald-Leader on Wednesday that he made a mistake.

“It was a very poor choice of words to get the point across,” Jacoby said in a phone interview, noting that this was the first major controversy he’d had in nearly 40 years in the business.

“She’s a very self assured player and she’s very good at what she does and I used a very poor choice of words to say what I was trying to get across.”

When Jacoby saw a series of tweets from Epps’ father, Anthony, about not taking kindly to comments about Makayla, Jacoby said he reached out to the former men’s basketball star at Kentucky to apologize.

“I don’t blame her father for being upset,” Jacoby said. “I probably would’ve reacted the same way it if it was my daughter. I just wanted to make sure I very quickly put that out there to him and to her.”

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