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KILT Continues To Lead Houston Ratings Race

We’re a bit behind in catching up on recent Houston radio ratings from Nielsen Audio. So we’ll summarize two months in one entry.

This list covers the December book from Nov. 5 to Dec. 2 and the Holiday book from Dec. 3-30, which includes the stretch drive of the NFL regular season and the final days before some lineup changes that took effect with the new year on KBME (790 AM) and KILT (610 AM).

Unofficially, the holiday book is known as the Sunny book because of the dominance of KODA (99.1 FM) with its wall-to-wall Christmas music. That dominance continued this year, as we will see when we turn from sports to the general radio market for the Holiday book.

First, however, the results for men 25-54, the key demo for sports radio, indicate that Texans flagship station KILT (610 AM) led but did not dominate at the height of football season.

Also, KFNC (97.5 FM) has solidified its move past KBME (790 AM) for second place among the four sports stations. It should be interesting to see if those numbers hold with KBME’s January lineup changes.

As always, we start with 6 a.m. to midnight (Monday through Sunday) among men 25-54. KILT still leads and saw an uptick in the Holiday book, but KFNC is holding fast in second.

Station           Holiday           December          Holiday 2014

KILT (610 AM)     2.9 (18th)         2.6 (T17th)       3.4 (13th)

KFNC (97.5 FM)    2.3 (20th)         2.3 (T20th)       1.5 (23rd)

KBME (790 AM)     1.2 (25th)         1.2 (25th)         2.2 (20th)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.1 (T37th)       0.1 (T39th)       0.4 (T30th)

ESPN Radio plus an hour of local programming has enabled KFNC to top KILT in morning drive for two books in a row, which is fairly astonishing in the middle of football season.

Station           Holiday           December          Holiday 2014

KFNC (97.5 FM)    3.3 (13th)         2.6 (15th)         1.6 (22nd)

KILT (610 AM)     2.4 (T18th)       2.3 (18th)         2.9 (14th)

KBME (790 AM)     2.4 (T18th)       1.9 (21st)         4.6 (7th)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.2 (T34th)       0.1 (T39th)       0.6 (31st)

KILT is up in middays (10 a.m.-3 p.m.), and KFNC is the clear runner-up. This will be a time slot to watch in the next book with the new team of Sean Jones and Adam Clanton on KBME.

Station           Holiday           December          Holiday 2014

KILT (610 AM)     2.9 (15th)         2.4 (17th)         4.2 (5th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   2.0 (21st)         2.2 (19th)         1.6 (22nd)

KBME  (790 AM)    0.9 (27th)         1.2 (25th)         2.6 (16th)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.1 (T35th)       0.0 (T38th)       0.7 (26th)

KILT still leads in afternoon drive time (3-7 p.m.), but KFNC is making a good run despite having to give up one hour to ESPN Radio.

Station           Holiday           December          Holiday 2014

KILT (610 AM)     3.0 (15th)         2.7 (18th)         3.3 (13th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   2.8 (17th)         2.4 (20th)         1.8 (22nd)

KBME  (790 AM)    1.2 (25th)         1.4 (25th)         1.6 (23rd)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.1 (T37th)       0.1 (T37th)       0.4 (T30th)

Texans programming continued to boost KILT from 7 p.m. until midnight, and KBME doesn’t appear to be getting much out of its Rockets broadcasts.

Station           Holiday           December          Holiday 2014

KILT  (610 AM)    2.3 (16th)         3.0 (15th)         2.9 (16th)

KFNC  (97.5 FM)   1.4 (24th)         1.3 (T24th)       1.3(T22nd)

KBME  (790 AM)    1.0 (25th)         0.5 (T28th)       1.3 (T22nd)

KGOW (1560 AM)    0.0 (T38th)       0.0 (T39th)       0.0 (T40th)

To see how the individual shows performed visit the Houston Chronicle where this information was originally posted

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