Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Jones Getting Acclimated To Houston Sports Radio

Sean Jones considers himself an introspective man with an analytical mind, which squares with the memories of those who covered him as one of the best interviews of the late 1980s and early ’90s Oilers.

And so, he said this week, it’s something of a stretch to convert from introspection to outgoing in his new role as a midday co-host alongside Adam Clanton on KBME (790 AM)

Sports radio, Jones said, “is like being a standup comic for four hours. You have to have fresh material and a reservoir of information and thought processes and life experiences, and hopefully it’s topical enough for you to share with the audience.”

“I’m an introspective person, a loner, and for three hours each weekday I get to talk about things that affect my life and how I see things that affect other people’s lives in ways that I hope that listeners will appreciate. It’s not filtered or watered down.”

Jones was an unexpected choice for KBME’s January lineup change that moved Matt Thomas to mornings with Lance Zierlein and Clanton to middays. He said Zierlein cleared the way for his hiring by using him as a morning fill-in guest, co-host and “fellow football geek.”

“My brand of radio doesn’t fit everybody, so it was a matter of the right opportunity coming around,” he said. “It’s like being a head coach in the NFL. You’ve got to be lucky to get one of the spots (on air).”

Middays on Houston sports radio has become a ratings growth period in recent months, so it should be interesting to see if the Clanton-Jones tandem can make headway against time slot leaders Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on KILT (610 AM).

As fans anguish over the ups and downs of the local teams, Jones said his goal is to keep matters in perspective.

“It’s like having a kid. When he needs a hug, you have to give him one. It can’t be all bombast,” he said. “Things are never as bad as you think or as great as you think they are.

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