Sat. Aug 18th, 2018

Block May Leave Brewers For Pirates

The Brewers might be in the market for a new radio broadcaster for the 2016 season and beyond.

Because Joe Block (pictured) is a finalist for the job of No. 1 radio broadcaster in his hometown of Pittsburgh — Block currently is the Brewers’ No. 2 man to Hall of Famer Bob Uecker — the club is taking the step of accepting applications for a possible replacement.

Actually, the possible hire would not be to replace Block as such. It would be to fill the role currently held by Jeff Levering, who would step up as the No. 2 man to Uecker. Levering was hired last year to fill in on selected road trips for Uecker, who cut back his schedule away from home.

The Pirates are expected to make their decision soon. But with the season not that far away and exhibition play even closer, the Brewers cannot afford to wait to take applications for a possible replacement.

“Joe is from Pittsburgh, and this would be a clear advancement in his career and an opportunity to return home,” said Tyler Barnes, the Brewers’ vice president of communications.

Barnes said the Brewers would discontinue the budding search if Block remains in their broadcast booth.

Credit to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who originally published this article.

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