Wed. Sep 19th, 2018

A Rocky Start For Kevin Slaten and The New KFNS

Throughout his career, Kevin Slaten has found himself in the middle of numerous controversies. Some of those issues have been larger than others.

The afternoon drive host for 590 The Fan (KFNS-AM) was back in the middle of turmoil  once again, but this time it was with new station ownership.

Local businessmen Randy Markel and Scott Gertken are attempting to resuscitate 590 The Fan (KFNS-AM) after it experienced a couple of rough years under previous ownership. The early reviews on their approach are positive from those involved.

But this past week, the station unveiled its revamped lineup, except the first day didn’t go as planned thanks to Slaten not hosting his afternoon show on Monday and Tuesday.

Prior to Kevin’s Monday show, there was an argument between him and Markel. Randy was considering hiring a behind-the-scenes producer that Slaten despises. After the conversation escalated, it led to Slaten not appearing on his program for the first 2 days of the week. He did return however for Wednesday and Thursday’s shows.

For now, Slaten and Markel chalk it up to a big misunderstanding and claim that the matter has been settled. But if the past is any indication, this may not be the last time that Kevin and station management have issues to sort through.

Credit to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who originally published this article

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