Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

PASR41: Ray Necci – ESPN Radio



“The better conversations are often the offbeat stuff, beyond the X’s and O’s.” – Ray Necci

Ray Necci doesn’t need sleep. Well, maybe just a little. And that’s one of the biggest prerequisites for working with one of the most popular sports talk radio shows in the country.

But that’s just the FIRST prerequisite.

Ray is an ESPN Radio Program Director and the head of content for Mike and Mike in the Morning, and in this installment of the Podcast About Sports Radio, he takes us through an extensive breakdown of what he does each day before, during and after the show.


  • How he got started in the industry and ended up at ESPN Radio
  • What a typical day involves working with Mike & Mike and Programming at ESPN Radio
  • Explaining how his input on Mike and Mike helps the program and can be noticed
  • What goes into dealing with breaking news when it happens during the show
  • Analyzing his own style and how his strengths and weaknesses are perceived on the show
  • Detailing the reasons why Mike and Mike continue to thrive year after year
  • Which talent he enjoys listening to and who he thinks has national show ability
  • How he manages his sleep schedule with all he has to handle



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