Wed. Sep 26th, 2018

Inside The Mind of KNBR Sports Anchor Kate Scott

While most kindergarteners make sure their mom packs a fruit snack in their lunch, a young Kate Scott made sure she watched Sportscenter every day before heading to school.

“I don’t know if it was something I saw on ESPN, but I was just enthralled and intrigued,” Scott said. “I watched it all the time and then I started watching Sportscenter.”

A Bay Area sports celebrity, Scott is currently a play-by-play analyst for the Pac-12 Network and an anchor on the sports radio station, KNBR 680, in the mornings.

Scott did the play-by-play for the Chico State women’s basketball team when it visited San Francisco State on Dec. 4, which was televised on a local Comcast station.

Even though the game was on a Friday, it was much earlier in the week when she started to prepare for the game, she said.

  • Monday and Tuesday: Scott starts her preparation with a conference call between the announcers and coaches to get a feel for which players or key injuries should be focused on. She then prints out anything and everything she can find on the players, such as their hometown and what high school they attended.
  • Wednesday: Scott starts watching film on both teams to see the players and their play styles to make it easier to recognize them on the court.
  • Thursday: She puts together flashcards, with players’ faces on one side and their names on the other, to become even more familiar with the teams.
  • Friday: After memorizing all the flashcards, Scott heads to the venue a few hours early to talk to the coaches and players for any last-minute story lines. At tip-off, it’s showtime.

Even after all this planning, Scott needs to be on her toes.

“You can plan all week, and then everything can be thrown out in the first two minutes after someone went down with an injury,” Scott said. “I just love the unexpectedness and spontaneity of play-by-plays.”

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