Mon. Sep 24th, 2018

Francesa Says He Will Remain At WFAN Through 2017

WFAN’s Mike Francesa acknowledged on Tuesday that he no longer desires to leave the radio station before the end of his contract in 2017. Francesa said on the air that the relationship with CBS Radio and station management has greatly improved.

It was well documented that Francesa was unhappy with his previous simulcast with Fox Sports. The TV network often preempted his show or moved him off of Fox Sports 1 and on to to the less established Fox Sports 2. The simulcast was terminated in September when Fox added Colin Cowherd.

As far as future television simulcast possibilities are concerned, Mike said “The idea of just doing the radio show gives me a lot of flexibility that I haven’t had in a very, very long time, and a lot of it is appreciated. Right now I’m kind of enjoying being a radio show.”

It remains possible that the show could end up on MSG where Francesa maintains a close relationship with Madison Square Garden executives. However he cautioned that a simulcast may not be in the cards before the end of his contract.

The speculation of a reunion between Mike and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has continued to make noise, ever since the two announced on WFAN their plans to reunite for a one-night only appearance at Radio City Music Hall.

Francesa added “At this stage of our careers, and the stage the business is in right now, I think it is extremely, extremely unlikely,” he said.

Although financial difficulties could prevent the two from a permanent reunion, Mike says that he and Chris have kept a mostly positive personal relationship since parting ways in 2008.

“We’ve never had a cross word since we split up, never had an argument since we split up,” he said. “There were some people trying to drag us into things to try and promote the new avenues we were each traveling. I think that’s logical and I think it was other people dragging us into that and into comments that probably never needed to be made. But we never didn’t get along.”

Credit to Newsday who originally reported the story


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