Tue. Sep 25th, 2018

Swin Cash Adds Knicks Analyst Duties

Swin Cash is not surprised that the Knicks are off to a promising, or at least intriguing, start. She had a sense merely from observing them at their training facility in Westchester — one they share with Cash and the Liberty.

“They were around working out, they were around in preseason,” she said before the Knicks’ loss to the Cavaliers on Friday night. “I’ve played in other cities where you may see one or two guys. But to see how many guys showed up, you could tell how hungry they were, ready to get after it. To have this energy, this start, to have New York behind them, I’m really intrigued by what they’re able to do.”

Fine. But why quote Swin Cash about the Knicks here?

Because starting with Friday night’s pregame show on MSG Network, she became more than just an educated observer of her New York hoops colleagues. She will be discussing them as an occasional television studio analyst.

Expanding her already extensive TV resume, including work for ESPN and CBS, was one of the appeals of playing in New York for Cash, who has been in the WNBA since 2002 and joined the Liberty during the 2014 season.

She married Steve Canal, a former Fordham player and New York-area native, in May, and wanted to settle here. Playing for the Liberty and working for MSG was a natural fit. So she re-signed in April to play this past season in New York.

“I was like, ‘I’m really interested in being in the New York market,’ and the Liberty were like, ‘Well, we have MSG here, so there could be some synergy,’ ” she said.


In addition to appearing in the studio for Knicks games about a dozen times, mostly after Jan. 1, she will host “Nothing But Knicks,” a bi-weekly show focused on behind-the-scenes looks at coach Derek Fisher, his assistants and his players.

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